CJEU regarding the interpretation of the general wording of the ruling 'goods put on the market without the right holders consent'

IPPT20221117, CJEU, Harman v AB

Court of Justice about the destruction of goods manufactured with consent of the trademark proprietor, but not put on the market with his consent

IPPT20221013, CJEU, Perfumesco.pl v Procter & Gamble

CJEU: Court still has jurisdiction when the validity of EU trade mark as counterclaim is challenged in spite of the withdrawal of the main action

IPPT20221013, CJEU, KP v TV

Simmons & Simmons strengthens with patent law specialists


CJEU: CMO may request confidential information

IPPT20220908, CJEU, Ametic

CJEU: act without legally binding solution does not stop acquiescence

IPPT20220519, CJEU, Heitec v Heitech Promotion

Branding on the product makes you a producer

IPPT20220707, CJEU, Fennia v Philips

Earlier right applying in a particular locality vs later trade mark

IPPT20220602, CJEU, CCC

CJEU: Sale of goods includes electronic delivery of computer software with grant of perpetual user license

IPPT20210916, CJEU, Software Incubator v Computer Associates 

CJEU: No invalidation due to no genuine use


Online platforms do not make a communication to the public themselves

IPPT20210622, CJEU, Youtube