Enlarged Board of Appeal EPO: The right to claim priority and its transfer are matters of autonomous European Patent Convention law

IPPT20231010, EBA-EPO, Entitlement to priority

First published order of the UPC Court of Appeal, 13 October 2023

IPPT20231013, UPC CoA, Amgen v Sanofi-Aventis

IP-PorTal and the UPC


Online sales website itself uses a trade mark if a well-informed user may be confused

IPPT20221222, CJEU, Louboutin v Amazon

Paid hyperlink sufficiënt for infringement in Member State

IPPT20230427, CJEU, Lännen v Berky

Evidence of being the rightholder for right of information

IPPT20230427, CJEU, Castorama Polska

Denmark failed to prevent use of the name FETA for Danish cheese

Prosecution history estoppel does not always complete bar the inventor from asserting infringement against any equivalent to the narrowed element

IPPT20020528, USSC, Festo v Shoketsu

Enlarged Board of Appeal EPO rules on plausibility of technical effect

IPPT20230323, EBA-EPO, Syngenta v Sumitomo

UPC starts June 1st 2023 after German ratification


CJEU: No dismissal of interim relief for patent infringement where the validity of the patent in question has not been confirmed

IPPT20220428, CJEU, Phoenix contact v Harting

Burden of proof of genuine trade mark use rests on trade mark proprietor. No obligation for market research by applicant for revocation

IPPT20220310, CJEU, Maxxus v Globus

EUIPO is looking for an Executive Director of the Office