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IP-PorTal publishes EU intellectual property case law and legal texts (treaties, regulations and directives) for European IP-professionals and students of European IP law. The site contains an extensive collection of IP-decisions by the Court of Justice of the European Union ("CJEU") from 1966 until today and a selection of cases of the Enlarged Boards of Appeal of the European Patent Office ("EBoA") and other judgments by leading international courts. The collection contains more than 700 judgments. IP-PorTal also contains all relevant European IP legal texts, like directives, regulations, the Berne Convention etc.


The goal is to make case law available in an efficient format. Our case law is published in an organized and searchable format and includes an IPPT number consisting of year, month and day of the judgment (IPPTyyyymmdd). The Svensson case of 13 February 2014 can for example be found at IPPT20140213.


IP-PorTal is independent. Cases are published indiscriminately, whether the case is acceptable for parties or not. Selection only takes place based of the content of the case. The content must be relevant in the field of IP law. On the topic of anonymity the rules of the General Court of the EU are leading.


Suggestions and comments are welcome and much appreciated. Please contact us.


The IP-PorTal editorial board:

Prof. Dick van Engelen (Editor-in-chief)

Birgit Kunst-Verboon (Editor)

Daniël Sterenborg (Editor)


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