European Parliament votes in favour of the new Copyright Directive


A sign consisting of two-dimensional decorative patterns affixed to goods such as fabric or paper does not 'consist exclusively of the shape'

IPPT20190314, CJEU, Textilis v Svenskt Tenn

UN expert criticizes the new Copyright Directive


CJEU on communication of carve out is request to limit the scope of the marketing authorisation of the generic medicinal product

IPPT20190214, CJEU, De Staat v Warner-Lambert

CJEU on requirement to package a product covered by a protected geographical indication in its geographical area of production

IPPT20181219, CJEU, Schwarzwalder Schinken

McDonald’s EU word mark BIG MAC revoked by the EUIPO


Leythem Wall joins HGF in The Hague Office


China develops intellectual property rights protection


Vans is suing Primark for trademark infringement