UPC CFI LD Dusseldorf, 12 July 2024: No translation into English ordered - plaintiff could have chosen English

IPPT20240712, UPC CFI, LD Düsseldorf, Seoul Viosys v epert e-Commerce

UPC CoA, 11 July 2024: Motion to expedite appeal denied

IPPT20240711, UPC CoA, Apple v Ona

UPC CFI LD Mannheim, 10 July 2024, exceptional bifurcation - earlier case before Paris Central Division

IPPT20240710, UPC CFI, LD Mannheim, MED-EL v Advanced Bionics

UPC CFI LD Mannheim, 9 July 2024: Confidentiality club rules: disclosure limited to representatives in UPC proceedings only

IPPT20240709, UPC CFI, LD Mannheim, Panasonic v Orope

UPC CFI CD Paris, 27 June 2024: No extension of time limit because of new prior art or new proceedings

IPPT20240627, UPC CFI, CD Paris, Roche Diabetes Care v Tandem Diabetes Care

UPC CFI CD Paris, 2 July 2024: Admissible application to amend the patent in spite of using the wrong workflow

IPPT20240702, UPC CFI, CD Paris, Nokia v Mala Technologies