UPC CFI LD Milan, 14 May 2024: Interim conference open to the public, unless protection of confidential information requires otherwise

IPPT20240514, UPC CFI, LD Milan, Oerlikon v Bhagat

UPC CFI CD Paris, 30 April 2024: Subsequent request to amend the patent may be allowed after the closing of the written procedure

IPPT20240430, UPC CFI, CD Paris, Meril Italy v Edwards Lifesciences

UPC CFI CD Paris, 10 may 2024: Request for simultaneous interpretations rejected, but applicant allowed to have simultaneous translation at their cost

IPPT20240510, UPC CFI, CD Paris, Cead v Bego

UPC CFI CD Paris, 10 May 2024: no lack of jurisdiction because of possible violation of standstill agreement

IPPT20240510, UPC CFI, CD Paris, Roche Diabetes Care v Tandem Diabetes

UPC CFI LD Paris, 6 May 2024: An intervening party may not develop claims contrary to those of the party it is supporting

IPPT20240506, UPC CFI, LD Paris, Photon Wave v Seoul Viosys

UPC CFI CD Paris, 2 May 2024: No lack of jurisdiction UPC because of German action from before the start of the UPC

IPPT20240502, UPC CFI, CD Paris, Nokia v Mala Technologies

UPC CFI LD Düsseldorf, 30 April 2024: Provisional cease and desist order, subject to € 2 million security

IPPT20240430, UPC CFI, LD Düsseldorf, 10x Genomics v Curio Bioscience

UPC News: Case load of the UPC - update end April 2024

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Unified Patent Court

Can UPC judgments please use - prior art - paragraph numbering?

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Dick van Engelen