Rule 172 – Duty to produce evidence

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1. Evidence available to a party regarding a statement of fact that is contested or likely to be contested by the other party must be produced by the party making that statement of fact.


2. The Court may at any time during the proceedings order a party making a statement of fact to produce evidence that lies in the control of that party. If the party fails to produce the evidence, the Court shall take such failure into account when deciding on the issue in question.


Relation with Agreement: Article 53


Case Law


IPPT20240430, UPC CFI, LD Mannheim, Panasonic v Xiaomi
Plaintiff is upon its own request ordered to submit redacted licence agreements, subject to further to be determined confidentiality regimes under Rule 262 and 262A RoP. Order is based on the extensive case management powers vested in the Court (Article 43 UPCA) and the judge-rapporteur (Rules 101, 111 and 331 et al. RoP), not Rule 172 RoP or Rule 190 RoP.