Rule 111 – Role of the presiding judge (Case management)

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The presiding judge shall:
(a) have all authority to ensure a fair, orderly and efficient oral procedure; and

(b) ensure that the action is ready for decision on the merits at the end of the oral hearing.


Case Law:


IPPT20240430, UPC CFI, LD Mannheim, Panasonic v Xiaomi
Plaintiff is upon its own request ordered to submit redacted licence agreements, subject to further to be determined confidentiality regimes under Rule 262 and 262A RoP. Order is based on the extensive case management powers vested in the Court (Article 43 UPCA) and the judge-rapporteur (Rules 101, 111 and 331 et al. RoP), not Rule 172 RoP or Rule 190 RoP.