Collective management organisation of musical works is a taxable person for the purposes of the VAT Directive

IPPT20210121, CJEU, UMCR-ADA v Asociatia Culturala Suflet de Roman

No trademark use in advertisements on websites of independent operators

IPPT20200702, CJEU, mk advokaten v MBK Rechtsanwälte

UK Supreme Court reformulates Improver-questions

IPPT20170712, UKSC, Actavis v Eli Lilly

No trade mark protection for Banksy on 'Flower Thrower'


The proprietor of a trade mark has an exclusive right within the five-year period from its registration even if the trademark is not being used

IPPT20200326, CJEU, AR v Cooper

In assessing whether a sign consists exclusively of the shape of goods which is necessary to obtain a technical result, other factors such as the perception of the relevant public can also be taken into account

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A natural person who has imported ball bearings weighing 710 kg in exchange for cognac and cigarettes, has used the trade mark affixed to the ball bearings in the course of trade

IPPT20200430, CJEU, A