Rule 199 – Order for inspection

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1. The Court may, on a reasoned request by a party, order an inspection of products, devices, methods, premises or local situations in situ. For the protection of confidential information the Court may order that any of the above be disclosed only to certain named persons and subject to appropriate terms of non-disclosure in accordance with Article 58 of the Agreement.


2. Rules 192 to 198 shall apply mutatis mutandis.


Relation with Agreement: Article 60


Case Law


IPPT20240301, UPC CFI, LD Paris, Novawell v C-Kore Systems
Ex parte order to perserve evidence (Article 60(5) UPCA, Rule 196 RoP, Rule 197 RoP). Request for preservation of evidence (“saisie”) (Rule 192 RoP) and request for inspection ("descente sur les lieux") (Rule 199 RoP) are two different and distinct procedures, each with a different purpose, the first being governed by Rules R. 192 to R. 198 RoP, in order to collect and seize evidence by detailed description or physically, and the second by Rule R. 199, in order to inspect products, devices, methods, premises or local situations in situ ("descente sur les lieux"). This means that there is no need to combine the two measures, even though the first obviously requires the right to enter a private place.  In the present case, the Applicant clearly states that it is requesting a seizure to be carried out at Novawell's premises, and the order expressly instructs the expert to enter the defendant's premises at the appropriate address. 


IPPT20230925, UPC CFI, LD Milan, PMA v AWM

Ex parte order to inspect premises and to preserve evidence; confidentiality (articles 58 and 60 UPCARules 196197 and 199 RoP). Urgency: two Girderflex apparatus have allegedly already been sold; at the end of July, another machinery has been offered for sale; AWM will be also present as a confirmed exhibitor at the BIBM Congress in Amsterdam and the commercial offer is still ongoing on AWM’s website. Reasons for ex parte: Data capture is Claimant’s main target and it is generally accepted that digital data can be easily hidden or erased if defendants are given previous notice of this kind of application. Experts are included in the list of patent experts who are used to cooperate with the national Courts, so that the choice guarantees expertise, independence and impartiality, as required by rule 196.5 RoP. Confidentiality: In accordance with art. 58 UPCA, rule 196.1 (d) and rule 199.1 RoP, the Court orders that the access to any information and document gathered by the experts in charge of carrying out the measure is prohibited, so to ensure effective protection of confidential information. Whether the Defendants should lodge a request for the review of this order according to rule 197.3 RoP, they are expressly invited to comment on any confidentiality interests that they might have after the written expert Report has been submitted by the experts appointed to carry out this order. Security: Pursuant to rule 196.3 and 196.6 RoP, the Court orders PMA to provide adequate security - also as a condition to the enforceability of this order - for the legal costs and other expenses and compensation for any injury incurred or likely to be incurred by the Defendants, by deposit of the amount of Euro 50.000, equal to 2,5% of the value of the case of Euro 2.000.000.