Article 26

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Right to prevent the indirect use of the invention

1.   A patent shall confer on its proprietor the right to prevent any third party not having the proprietor’s consent from supplying or offering to supply, within the territory of the Contracting Member States in which that patent has effect, any person other than a party entitled to exploit the patented invention, with means, relating to an essential element of that invention, for putting it into effect therein, when the third party knows, or should have known, that those means are suitable and intended for putting that invention into effect.

2.   Paragraph 1 shall not apply when the means are staple commercial products, except where the third party induces the person supplied to perform any of the acts prohibited by Article 25.

3.   Persons performing the acts referred to in Article 27(a) to (e) shall not be considered to be parties entitled to exploit the invention within the meaning of paragraph 1.


Case Law:


IPPT20231211, UPC CFI, LD Düsseldorf, Ortovox Sportartikel v Mammut Sports
Indirect use of the invention (article 26 UPCA). Obvious from the circumstances that the defendants know that the accused embodiment is objectively suitable for being used in a patent-infringing manner, and also that the customers of the accused embodiment use it to carry out the patent-compliant process.