Rule 7 - Content of the register

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The register shall contain the following items:

(a) the case files, which shall be a complete and accurate recording of the proceedings before the Court and shall include:

i. a compilation of proceedings-related information;

ii. all written pleadings, documents and other items filed with the Court [via the case management system];

iii. all orders and decisions by the Court;

iv. the receipt of a written pleading or document filed in a hard-copy form and lodged in a situation provided for in Rule 4.2 of the Rules of Procedure; v. the receipt of physical exhibits, documents or any other item and the information where the exhibit, document or item is stored;

vi. recordings of interim conferences and oral hearings;

vii. statements made by witnesses;

viii. reports written by court experts;

ix. translations provided by the parties or ordered by the Court;

x. applications for legal aid and related orders or decisions of the Court;

xi. any information pertaining to fees due, fee payments and fee reimbursements, witness expenses, court and party expert expenses, penalties paid and securities;

xii. decisions and orders of the Court and any corrections thereof, and settlements before the Court;

xiii. preliminary rulings of the CJEU;

(b) the list of registered Applications to opt out and Applications to withdraw an opt-out;

(c) the Protective letters received by the Court; (d) any other document deemed appropriate by the Registrar. (Ref.: R. 4, 106, 115, 170 RoP)