Rule 49 – Lodging of the Defence to revocation

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1. The defendant shall lodge a Defence to revocation within two months of service of the Statement for revocation.


2. The Defence to revocation may include:

(a) an Application to amend the patent;

(b) a Counterclaim for infringement.


Case Law:


IPPT20240209, UPC CFI, CD Paris, ITCiCo Spain v Bayerische Motoren Werke
Request to extend time limit for filing Defence to revocation rejected (Rule 9 RoP, RoP 49 RoP). An impossibility or an extreme difficulty to meet the deadline which is attributable to the party requesting the extension of the deadline or its representative does not come into consideration, as it may not be deemed as objective. Principle of fair trial obliges a party to submit a request for time extension as soon as it appears clear that the meeting of the deadline will not be possible. Difficulties with smart card verification device and illness of patent attorney devoid of evidence. A party's representative waiting for the smart card verification device after the service of the statement of claim (and the reception of the information concerning the lodging of the revocation action) is expected to seek a solution in an appropriate time and act accordingly (for example, by submitting requests to the Court or the Registry).


IPPT20240117, UPC CFI, LD The Hague, Plant-e v Arkyne
Ex officio order judge-rapporteur to extend deadline to file Defence in the Counterclaim for revocation and to reunite the claim and counterclaim workflows (Rule 9(3 RoP, Rule 311(1) RoP, Rule 334(a) RoP). Defence to the counterclaim for revocation not filed together with Reply to defence in the claim as required by Rule 29(a) RoP. The apparent misunderstanding of the relevant deadline [for Statement of defence to counterclaim for revocation] by Plant-e Knowledge will in this situation not be held against her; the consequences would be disproportionate.