Ronald Korenstra

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R. Korenstra


Plant Breeders' Rights attorney

Trademark & Design Attorney



AOMB Intellectual Property Consultants

Vestdijk 51
5611 CA Eindhoven
Tel: (040) 243 37 15


Ronald Korenstra has been working at AOMB Intellectual Property as a breeder’s rights and European and Benelux trademark and design attorney since 1998. The combination of legal knowledge of the intellectual property and the strategic vision on successfully introducing new varieties makes him the IP advisor of choice in the field of breeder’s rights for the agriculture and horticulture and ornamental sectors. In addition to breeder’s rights, Ronald is involved with the protection of trademarks and designs. Ronald is a member of the Intermediaries Business Unit within AOMB.


Because of his role in Business Unit International Partners, Ronald is largely involved with agents and companies outside The Netherlands and Europe. His international focus is worldwide, but within Business Unit it is predominantly on South-America and Africa. This is because of the dynamics in the agricultural sector on these continents. Ronald has an extensive international work history, due to which he has a more than average knowledge of and experience with work cultures and diplomatic cultures, which is useful for the international aspects of his function.


In addition, his service characteristics in combination with a healthy dose of assertiveness make Ronald appropriate for his role as an IP advisor, to be able to solve issues for his clients.


Both privately and in business Ronald has a wide interest. He is involved with administrative activities within various organisations. He also likes to spend his spare time on reading, family and being out in nature.