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Patents, Trademarks, Designs, Plant Breeders' Rights, Legal, Copyright


AOMB helps SME entrepreneurs, corporations and international partners protect themselves from counterfeiting and imitation. We offer the services required to ensure your innovative ideas and products are your exclusive intellectual property. So only you, and no-one else, reaps the benefits of your efforts. As such, your brand will remain original, your inventions will retain profitability, and you stay unique.


Trademark & Design Attorneys

Marijke van Kan

Ronald Korenstra

Daphne Kroese

Anne Laarman

Renate Pouw


Patent attorneys

Kees van Balen
Teun van Berkel
Arie Blokland

Danielle Champagne

Marco Coolen
Hans Dohmen
Peter Dorna

Mark van Eekelen
Brigitte Geurts

Francis Janssen

Bert Kneepkens
Hugo Koekoek
Ronald Korenstra
Daphne Kroese
Joost Nelissen
Vera Op den Brouw

René Raggers
José Paredes Rojas
George Seezink
Rutger Valkonet
Tom Wittop Koning