Mark van Eekelen

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M. van Eekelen


Patent attorney



AOMB Intellectual Property Consultants

John F. Kennedylaan 2

5612AB Eindhoven

Tel: (040) 243 37 15


Mark went to Utrecht University in 2000, where he studied Biomedical Sciences. In the meantime, he got his PhD in the field of genetics and signal transduction at the Hubrecht Institute. After his PhD, Mark spent two years in Toronto as a postdoctoral researcher. He successfully completed his postdoctoral research and returned to the Netherlands to start at the Dutch training institute for patent attorney. Mark has gained experience in a Dutch IP office and after that, at the IP department of a vegetable seed breeding company.

In May 2017, Mark started working for AOMB. In the meantime, he has passed his EQE exam, making him an official Dutch and European patent attorney. Mark is a friendly colleague, and works for the Business Unit Strategic Partners within AOMB. Because his affinity for Asia, he is a perfect match for this unit!

What Mark finds fascinating about the IP business is the variety it brings; no two days are alike. According to Mark, in the IP business you come into contact with many companies, so you always come across interesting new technologies.

Apart from his work, Mark’s major hobby is brewing his own beer, which is not all that surprising considering his background in Biomedics! From light to dark beer, Mark has all bases covered. He also loves to spend his time off with his wife and with his daughter.