Rule 65 - Application to annul or alter a decision of the EPO

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1. The Deputy-Registrar shall forward to the EPO any admissible application to annul or alter a decision taken by the EPO in carrying out the tasks referred to in Article 9 of Regulation (EU) 1257/2012. (Ref.: R. 88, 90(d) RoP)
2. The Deputy-Registrar shall invite the EPO to examine whether it considers the action to be well-founded and the decision to be rectifiable. (Ref.: R. 91(1) RoP)
3. If the EPO rectifies the contested decision, the Deputy-Registrar shall inform the judge. (Ref.: R. 91(1)(b) RoP)

4. The Deputy-Registrar shall inform the claimant if the Court, following the decision of the EPO, has closed the action. (Ref.: R. 91(2) RoP)
5. If the Court has not closed the action, the Deputy-Registrar shall assign said action to a panel of the competent seat or section of the central division and shall notify the claimant as soon as practicable of the identity of the judge-rapporteur. (Ref.: R. 92 RoP)