Rule 5 - Information technology system of the Court

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1. The IT facilities of the Court shall be suited to the requirements of the Court’s various functions and shall in particular include: (a) An electronic case management system, in accordance with the requirements laid down in these Rules; (b) the Court’s communication system, including the Court’s email and videoconference system; (c) budget and finance software; (d) software for the general organisation and administration of the Court; (e) software for administrative files; 3 | Page (f) the Court’s website; (g) the Court’s electronic library; (h) the Court’s scanning facility; (i) a security system for the protection and safeguarding of electronic data, including a backup system for the IT system; (j) an archive for the storing of case files and the administrative files of the Court.

2. The IT facilities of the Court shall have a separate part for the Arbitration and Mediation Centre.