Rule 76 – Actions for declaration of non-infringement within Article 33(6) of the Agreement

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1. Where a claimant has lodged an action for declaration of non-infringement (Rule 61) before the central division against the patent proprietor or a licensee entitled to commence infringement proceedings pursuant to Article 47 of the Agreement and the defendant proprietor or licensee subsequently initiates an action for infringement in a local or regional division against the claimant in respect of the same patent and with respect to the same alleged infringement the following procedure shall apply.


2. The Registry shall proceed in accordance with Rule 16 and 17. The Registry shall as soon as practicable notify the President of the Court of First Instance of the co-pending actions and the dates attributed to them. The presiding judges of the panels seized shall be informed likewise about the action in the other division.


3. If the date attributed by the Registry to the action for infringement pursuant to Rule 17.1(a) is within three months of the date attributed to the action for declaration of non-infringement the panel of the central division shall stay all further proceedings in the action for a declaration. If the date attributed to the action for infringement is outside the said three month period there shall be no stay but the presiding judges of the central division and the local or regional division concerned shall consult to agree on the future progress of proceedings including the possibility of a stay of one action pursuant to Rule 295(f).