Rule 61 – Declaration of non-infringement

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1. A declaration that the performance of a specific act does not, or a proposed act would not, constitute an infringement of a patent may be made by the Court in proceedings between the person doing or proposing to do the act and the patent proprietor or licensee entitled to commence infringement proceedings pursuant to Article 47 of the Agreement, if the patent proprietor or such licensee has asserted that the act is an infringement, or, if no such assertion has been made by the patent proprietor or licensee, if:

(a) that person has applied in writing to the proprietor or licensee for a written acknowledgment to the effect of the declaration claimed, and has provided him with full particulars in writing of the act in question; and

(b) the proprietor or licensee has refused or failed to give any such acknowledgment within one month.


2. The action for a declaration shall be directed against the proprietor of the patent or the licensee who has asserted an infringement or refused or failed to give an acknowledgement pursuant to paragraph 1(b).


3. If the action for a declaration of non-infringement is directed against the proprietor of the patent in accordance with Rule 8.6 (“the registered proprietor”) but the registered proprietor is not a proprietor within the meaning of Rule 8.5(a) or (b) (“the Rule 8.5 proprietor”) each such registered proprietor shall as soon as possible after service of the Statement for a declaration of non-infringement apply to the Court pursuant to Rule 305.1(c) for the substitution of the registered proprietor by the Rule 8.5 proprietor.