Rule 346 – Application of Article 7 of the Statute

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1. A party who believes to have reason to object to a judge taking part in proceedings pursuant to Article 7(4) of the Statute shall as soon as is reasonably practicable in the circumstances notify the President of the Court of First Instance or the President of the Court of Appeal wherever the case is pending that it objects to the judge taking part in the proceedings.


2. Any failure to notify an objection as soon as is reasonably practicable shall amount to a waiver of such objection.


3. The President concerned shall, after hearing the judge involved, decide whether the objection is valid pursuant to Article 7(2) and (4) of the Statute and considering the circumstances.


4. In case of any difficulty within the meaning of Article 7(5) of the Statute the President concerned shall refer the matter to the Presidium.


5. If it is decided that the objection is valid the judge concerned shall be replaced on the panel of judges allocated to the case concerned.


6. The panel assigned to the proceedings may decide to continue with the proceedings or to stay the proceedings pending the final decision of the President concerned or the Presidium. The President concerned or the Presidium may give instructions in the final decision as to the future conduct of the proceedings.


Relation with Statute: Article 7