IP Specialists

Becoming an IP Specialist will get your firm a spot on the IP Specialst overview page, and can get your firm listed as an IP Specialist in a specific country. This way, becoming an IP-Specialist can raise your profile and increase findability on the internet. We offer the following two options:

1) Firm banner, firm page & individual pages


After becoming an IP-Specialist taking this option, the firm will get its own page on IP-PorTal. This page will contain information about the firm, the firms IP-practice and a link to the firms website.  A personal banner linking to this page will be included to the IP-Specialist overview page. Also, you can aplly for listing under the coutries where the firm is based. This will increase the visibility and findability of the firm, since users will come across the firm when they search for an IP-specialised firm in their country.


Upon request, individual pages can be made for the professionals working at the firm. These individual pages come with an individual url on IP-PorTal, which a professional can use to link to their profile. The individual pages can contain information about the practice of an individual IP-specialist's and a link to the firms own website. For example see this fictional profile: www.ippt.eu/john-svensson


Price: € 410,00 per year* 


*This priced is based on listing as an IP Specialist on the overview page and listing as an IP Specialist in one county. Listing as an IP Specialist in more countries will cost an aditional € 250,00 per country. The offer includes three free individual pages per country. Additional individual pages will cost € 70,00 per page.


2) Firm banner only

A banner with your firm logo will be included to the IP-specialist overview page. Instead of getting an own firm page on IP-PorTal, the banner will link directly to your firm's website.      


Price: € 396,00 per year*.


*The offer includes listing as an IP Specialist in one country. Listing as an IP Specialist in more countries will cost an aditional € 250,00 per country.


Prices are subject to change and exclusive of VAT.


For sponsors of IP-PorTal, the listing as an IP-Specialist is free of charge.