Article 11

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1. Appropriate and regular training of judges shall be provided for within the training framework set up under Article 19 of the Agreement. The Presidium shall adopt Training Regulations ensuring the implementation and overall coherence of the training framework.

2. The training framework shall provide a platform for the exchange of expertise and a forum for discussion, in particular by:

(a) organising courses, conferences, seminars, workshops and symposia;

(b) cooperating with international organisations and education institutes in the field of intellectual property; and

(c) promoting and supporting further vocational training.

3. An annual work programme and training guidelines shall be drawn up, which shall include for each judge an annual training plan identifying that judge's main training needs in accordance with the Training Regulations.

4. The training framework shall in addition:

(a) ensure appropriate training for candidate-judges and newly appointed judges of the Court;

(b) support projects aimed at facilitating cooperation between representatives, patent attorneys and the Court.