Rule 34 - Website

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1. The Registrar shall be responsible for the regular updating of the website of the Court.

2. He shall ensure that the website contains the relevant information concerning the Court’s activities, in particular:

(a) a link to the register of the Court;

(b) the date, time and location of all public hearings at the Court; 

(c) the collection of the final decisions and orders of the Court of general interest, as well as any corresponding translations of the headnotes and/or decisions in English, French and German;

(d) any official communications of the Court;

(e) administrative decisions of the President of the Court of Appeal and the Court of First Instance, as far as they are of public interest;

(f) at the request of the President of the Court of Appeal, decisions of the Presidium, the Administrative Committee, the Advisory Committee and the Budget Committee, as far as said decisions are of public interest;

(g) all Court fees;

(h) list of judges, including the information as determined by the Presidium;

(i) the document formats and the maximum file size for Court filings;

(j) the list of available languages of proceedings at the Court;

(k) vacancies and forthcoming vacancies at the Court;

(l) new appointments;

(m) the Court’s annual report;

(n) relevant statistics on the activities of the Court. (Ref.: Art. 17(1), Art. 23(2)(c) - (e) of the Statute, R. 14(3) RoP)

3. The Registrar shall be responsible for the publication of any additional information as ordered by the Court.