Rule 1 - Definitions

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For the purposes of these Rules:
(a) “Agreement” means the Agreement on a Unified Patent Court;
(b) “Financial Regulations” means the Financial Regulations of the Court;
(c) “Staff Regulations” means the Staff Regulations of the Court;
(d) “Registry” means the Registry at the Court of Appeal;
(e) “sub-registry” means the branch of the Registry situated at a local or regional division or at the seat or one of the sections of the central division of the Court of First Instance;
(f) “Registrar” means the Registrar of the Court;
(g) “Deputy-Registrar” means the Deputy-Registrar of the Court;
(h) “EPO” means the European Patent Office;
(i) “CJEU” means the Court of Justice of the European Union;
(j) “IT system” means the information technology system of the Court;
(k) “judge” means, depending on the context, the presiding judge, the judge-rapporteur, the single judge or the panel of judges;
(l) all further terms are used in accordance with the definitions given in Article 2 of the Agreement.