Article 25

1. [Authentic Texts] This Treaty is signed in a single original in the English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish languages, all texts being equally and exclusively authentic.

2. [Official Texts] An official text in any language other than those referred to in paragraph 1 shall be established by the Director General, after consultation with the interested parties. For the purposes of this paragraph, interested party means any State which is party to the Treaty, or is eligible to become party to the Treaty under Article 20(1), whose official language, or one of whose official languages, is involved, and the European Patent Organisation, the Eurasian Patent Organization and the African Regional Industrial Property Organization and any other intergovernmental organization that is party to the Treaty, or may become party to the Treaty, if one of its official languages is involved.

3. [Authentic Texts to Prevail] In case of differences of opinion on interpretation between authentic and official texts, the authentic texts shall prevail.