Article 14

1. [Content]
a) The Regulations annexed to this Treaty provide rules concerning:
(i) matters which this Treaty expressly provides are to be “prescribed in the Regulations”;
(ii) details useful in the implementation of the provisions of this Treaty;
(iii) administrative requirements, matters or procedures.
b) The Regulations also provide rules concerning the formal requirements which a Contracting Party shall be permitted to apply in respect of requests for:
(i) recordation of change in name or address;
(ii) recordation of change in applicant or owner;
(iii) recordation of a license or a security interest;
(iv) correction of a mistake.
c) The Regulations also provide for the establishment of Model International Forms, and for the establishment of a request Form for the purposes of Article 6(2)b), by the Assembly, with the assistance of the International Bureau.

2. [Amending the Regulations] Subject to paragraph 3, any amendment of the Regulations shall require three-fourths of the votes cast.

3. [Requirement of Unanimity]
a) The Regulations may specify provisions of the Regulations which may be amended only by unanimity.
b) Any amendment of the Regulations resulting in the addition of provisions to, or the deletion of provisions from, the provisions specified in the Regulations pursuant to subparagraph (a) shall require unanimity.
c) In determining whether unanimity is attained, only votes actually cast shall be taken into consideration. Abstentions shall not be considered as votes.

4. [Conflict Between the Treaty and the Regulations] In the case of conflict between the provisions of this Treaty and those of the Regulations, the former shall prevail.