Paris Convention

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Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property


Article 1 - [Establishment of the Union; Scope of Industrial Property]

Article 2 - [National Treatment for Nationals of Countries of the Union]

Article 3 - [Same Treatment for Certain Categories of Persons as for Nationals of Countries of the Union]


Article 4 - [A to I. Patents, Utility Models, Industrial Designs, Marks, Inventors' Certificates: Right of Priority G: Patents: Division of the Application]


Article 4bis - [Patents: Independence of Patents Obtained for the Same Invention in Different Countries]


Article 4ter - [Patents: Mention of the Inventor of the Patent]


Article 4quater - [Patents: Patentability in Case of Restrictions of Sale by Law]


Article 5 - [A. Patents: Importation of Articles; Failure to Work or Insufficient Working; Compulsory Licenses B. Industrial Designs: Failure to Work; Importation of Articles C. Marks: Failure to Use; Different Forms; Use by Co-proprietors D. Patents, Utility Models, Marks, Industrial Designs: Marking]


Article 5bis - [All Industrial Property Rights: Period of Grace for the Payment of Fees for the Maintenance of Rights; Patents: Restoration


Article 5ter - [Patents: Patented Devices Forming Part of Vessels, Aircraft, or Land Vehicles]


Article 5quater - [Patents: Importation of Products Manufactured by a Process Patented in the Importing Country]

Article 5quinquies - [Industrial Designs]

Article 6 - [Marks: Conditions of Registration; Independence of Protection of Same Mark in Different Countries]


Article 6bis - [Marks - Well-Known Marks]


Article 6ter - [Marks: Prohibitions concerning State Emblems, Official Hallmarks, and Emblems of Intergovernmental Organizations]


Article 6quater - [Marks: Assignment of Marks]


Article 6quinquies - [Marks: Protection of Marks Registered in One Country of the Union in the Other Countries of the Union]


Article 6sexies - [Marks: Service Marks]


Article 6septies - [Marks: Registration in the Name of the Agent or Representative of the Proprietor Without the Latter’s Authorization]


Article 7 - [Marks: Nature of the Goods to which the Mark is Applied]


Article 7bis - [Marks: Collective Marks]


Article 8 - [Trade Names]


Article 9 - [Marks, Trade Names: Seizure, on Importation, etc., of Goods Unlawfully Bearing a Mark or Trade Name]

Article 10 - [False Indications: Seizure, on Importation, etc., of Goods Bearing False Indications as to their Source or the Identity of the Producer]


Article 10bis - [Unfair Competition]

Article 10ter - [Marks, Trade Names, False Indications, Unfair Competition: Remedies, Right to Sue]


Article 11 - [Inventions, Utility Models, Industrial Designs, Marks: Temporary Protection at Certain International Exhibitions]

Article 12 - [Special National Industrial Property Services]


Article 13 - [Assembly of the Union]

Article 14 - [Executive Committee]

Article 15 -[International Bureau]

Article 16 - [Finances]


Article 17 - [Amendment of Articles 13 to 17]


Article 18 - [Revision of Articles 1 to 12 and 18 to 30]

Article 19 - [Special Agreements]


Article 20 - [Ratification or Accession by Countries of the Union; Entry Into Force]

Article 21 - [Accession by Countries Outside the Union; Entry Into Force]


Article 22 - Consequences of Ratification or Accession]


Article 23 - [Accession to Earlier Acts]

Article 24 - [Territories]


Article 25 - [Implementation of the Convention on the Domestic Level]


Article 26 - [Denunciation]


Article 27 - [Application of Earlier Acts]


Article 28 - [Disputes]


Article 29 - [Signature, Languages, Depositary Functions]


Article 30 - [Transitional Provisions]



Text in force at 01-01-2020. The text can be verified at Titles of articles have been added for convenience, but are lacking in the official text, IP-PorTal.