Madrid Protocol

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Protocol Relating to the Madrid Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Marks adopted at Madrid on June 27, 1989


Article 1 - Membership in the Madrid Union


Article 2 - Securing Protection through International Registration


Article 3 - International Application


Article 3bis - Territorial Effect


Article 3ter - Request for "Territorial Extension"


Article 4 - Effects of International Registration


Article 4bis - Replacement of a National or Regional Registration by an International Registration


Article 5 - Refusal and Invalidation of Effects of International Registration in Respect of Certain Contracting Parties


Article 5bis - Documentary Evidence of Legitimacy of Use of Certain Elements of the Mark


Article 5ter - Copies of Entries in International Register; Searches for Anticipations; Extracts from International Register


Article 6 - Period of Validity of International Registration; Dependence and Independence of International Registration


Article 7 - Renewal of International Registration


Article 8 - Fees for International Application and Registration


Article 9 - Recordal of Change in the Ownership of an International Registration


Article 9bis - Recordal of Certain Matters Concerning an International Registration


Article 9ter - Fees for Certain Recordals


Article 9quater - Common Office of Several Contracting States


Article 9quinquies - Transformation of an International Registration into National or Regional Applications


Article 9sexies - Relations Between States Party to both this Protocol and the Madrid (Stockholm) Agreement


Article 10 - Assembly


Article 11 - International Bureau


Article 12 - Finances


Article 13 - Amendment of Certain Articles of the Protocol


Article 14 - Becoming Party to the Protocol; Entry into Force


Article 15 - Denunciation


Article 16 - Signature; Languages; Depositary Functions




Text in force at 01-01-2020. The text can be verified at Titles of articles have been added for convenience, but are lacking in the official text, IP-PorTal.