Article 3

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For the purposes of this Convention:

(a) “Performers” means actors, singers, musicians, dancers, and other persons who act, sing, deliver, declaim, play in, or otherwise perform literary or artistic works;

(b) “phonogram” means any exclusively aural fixation of sounds of a performance or of other sounds;

(c) “producer of phonograms” means the person who, or the legal entity which, first fixes the sounds of a performance or other sounds;

(d) “publication” means the offering of copies of a phonogram to the public in reasonable quantity;

(e) “reproduction” means the making of a copy or copies of a fixation;

(f) “broadcasting” means the transmission by wireless means for public reception of sounds or of images and sounds;

(g) “rebroadcasting” means the simultaneous broadcasting by one broadcasting organisation of the broadcast of another broadcasting organisation.