EU Trade Mark Implementing Regulation

Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2018/626 of 5 March 2018 laying down detailed rules for implementing certain provisions of Regulation (EU) 2017/1001 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the European Union trade mark, and repealing Implementing Regulation (EU) 2017/1431




Title I  - General provisions

Article 1 - Subject matter

Title II - Application procedure

Article 2 - Content of the application

Article 3 - Representation of the trade mark

Article 4 - Claiming priority

Article 5 - Exhibition priority

Article 6 - Claiming seniority of a national trade mark before registration of the EU trade mark

Article 7 - Content of the publication of an application

Article 8 - Division of the application

Title III - Registration procedure

Article 9 - Certificate of registration

Article 10 - Content of the request for alteration of a registration

Article 11 - Declaration of the division of a registration

Article 12 - Content of a request for the change of the name or address of the proprietor of an EU trade mark or of the applicant for an EU trade mark

Title IV - Transfer

Article 13 - Application for registration of a transfer

Article 14 - Processing of applications for partial transfer

Title V - Surrender

Article 15 - Surrender


Title VI - EU collective marks and certification marks

Article 16 - Content of regulations governing the use of EU collective marks

Article 17 - Content of regulations governing the use of EU certification marks

Title VII - Costs

Article 18 - Maximum rates for costs

Title VIII - Periodical publications

Article 19 - Periodical publications

Title IX - Administrative cooperation 

Article 20 - Exchange of information between the Office and the authorities of the Member States

Article 21 - Opening of files for inspection


Title X - Conversion

Article 22 - Content of a request for conversion

Article 23 - Content of the publication of a request for conversion

Title XI - Languages

Article 24 - Filing of supporting documents in written proceedings

Article 25 - Standard of translations

Article 26 - Legal authenticity of translations

Title XII - Organisation of the office

Article 27 - Decisions of an Opposition Division or a Cancellation Division taken by a single member

Title XIII - Procedures concerning the international registration of marks

Article 28 - Form to be used for the filing of an international application

Article 29 - Facts and decisions on invalidity to be notified to the International Bureau

Article 30 - Request for territorial extension subsequent to international registration

Article 31 - Form to be used for a request for territorial extension

Article 32 - Seniority claims before the Office

Article 33 - Notification of ex officio provisional refusals to the International Bureau

Article 34 - Notification of invalidation of the effects of an international registration to the International Bureau

Article 35 - Request for conversion of an international registration into a national trade mark application or into a designation of Member States

Article 36 - Transformation of an international registration designating the Union into an EU trade mark application

Title XIV - Final provisions

Article 37 - Transitional measures

Article 38 -Repeal


Article 39 - Entry into force and application


Text in force at 06-01-2019. The text can be verified at EUR-Lex. Titles of articles have been added for convenience, but are lacking in the official text, IP-PorTal.