Article 22

1. Without prejudice to applicable provisions on data protection in the Union and for the purpose of contributing to eliminating international trade in goods infringing intellectual property rights, the Commission and the customs authorities of the Member States may share certain data and information available to them with the relevant authorities in third countries according to the practical arrangements referred to in paragraph 3.


2. The data and information referred to in paragraph 1 shall be exchanged to swiftly enable effective enforcement against shipments of goods infringing an intellectual property right. Such data and information may relate to seizures, trends and general risk information, including on goods which are in transit through the territory of the Union and which have originated in or are destined for the territory of third countries concerned. Such data and information may include, where appropriate, the following:
(a) nature and quantity of goods;
(b) suspected intellectual property right infringed;
(c) origin, provenance and destination of the goods;
(d) information on movements of means of transport, in particular:
(i) name of vessel or registration of means of transport;
(ii) reference numbers of freight bill or other transport document;
(iii) number of containers;
(iv) weight of load;
(v) description and/or coding of goods;
(vi) reservation number;
(vii) seal number;
(viii) place of first loading;
(ix) place of final unloading;
(x) places of transhipment;
(xi) expected date of arrival at place of final unloading;
(e) information on movements of containers, in particular:
(i) container number;
(ii) container loading status;
(iii) date of movement;
(iv) type of movement (loaded, unloaded, transhipped, entered, left, etc.);
(v) name of vessel or registration of means of transport;
(vi) number of voyage/journey;
(vii) place;
(viii) freight bill or other transport document.


3. The Commission shall adopt implementing acts defining the elements of the necessary practical arrangements concerning the exchange of data and information referred to in paragraphs 1 and 2 of this Article. Those implementing acts shall be adopted in accordance with the examination procedure referred to in Article 34(3).