Article 88

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1. The Registers mentioned in Article 87 shall be open to public inspection.


2. In case of a legitimate interest, the following shall be open to public inspection, in accordance with the conditions set up in the implementing rules pursuant to Article 114:

(a) documents relating to applications for grant of a Community plant variety right;

(b) documents relating to Community plant variety rights already granted;

(c) the growing of varieties for the purposes of their technical examination;

(d) the growing of varieties for the purpose of verifying their continuing existence.


3. In the case of varieties for which material with specific components has to be used repeatedly for the production of material, at the request of the applicant for a Community plant variety right, all data relating to components, including their cultivation, shall be withheld from inspection. Such a request for withholding from inspection may not be filed once the decision on the application for grant of a Community plant variety right has been taken.


4. Materials submitted or obtained in connection with examinations under Articles 55 (4), 56 and 64 may not be given to other parties by the competent authorities under this Regulation unless the person entitled gives his consent or such transfer is required in connection with the cooperation covered by this Regulation for the purposes of the examination or by virtue of legal provisions.