Article 50

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1. The application for a Community plant variety right must contain at least the following:

(a) a request for the grant of a Community plant variety right;

(b) identification of the botanical taxon;

(c) information identifying the applicant or, where appropriate, the joint applicants;

(d) the name of the breeder and an assurance that, to the best of the applicants knowledge, no further persons have been involved in the breeding, or discovery and development, of the variety; if the applicant is not the breeder, or not the only breeder, he shall provide the relevant documentary evidence as to how the entitlement to the Community plant variety right came into his possession;

(e) a provisional designation for the variety;

(f) a technical description of the variety;

(g) the geographic origin of the variety;

(h) the credentials of any procedural representative;

(i) details of any previous commercialization of the variety;

(j) details of any other application made in respect of the variety.


2. Details of the conditions referred to in paragraph 1, including the provision of further information, may be laid down in the implementing rules pursuant to Article 114.


3. An application shall propose a variety denomination which may accompany the application.