Article 34

1. The provisions laid down in Regulation No 1 of 15 April 1958 determining the languages to be used in the European Economic Community ( 7 ), shall apply regarding the Office.


2. Applications to the Office, the documents required to process such applications and all other papers submitted shall be filed in one of the official languages of the European Communities.


3. Parties to proceedings before the Office as specified in the implementing rules pursuant to Article 114, shall be entitled, to conduct written and oral proceedings in any official language of the European Communities with translation and, in the case of hearings, simultaneous interpretation, at least into any other of the official languages of the European Communities chosen by any other party to proceedings. The exercise of these rights does not imply specific charges for the parties to proceedings.


4. The translation services required for the functioning of the Office are in principle provided by the Translation Centre of the Bodies of the Union.



( 7 )  OJ No 17, 6.10.1958, p. 385/58. Regulation as last amended by the 1985 Act of Accession.