Article 111

1.  An internal audit function shall be set up within the Office, to be performed in compliance with the relevant international standards. The internal auditor, appointed by the President, shall be responsible to him for verifying the proper operation of budget implementation systems and procedures of the Office.

The internal auditor shall advise the President on dealing with risks, by issuing independent opinions on the quality of management and control systems and by issuing recommendations for improving the conditions of implementation of operations and promoting sound financial management.

The responsibility for putting in place internal control systems and procedures suitable for carrying out his tasks shall lie with the authorising officer.


2. Not later than 31 March each year the President shall transmit to the Commission, the Administrative Council and the Court of Auditors of the European Communities accounts of the Office's total revenue and expenditure for the preceding financial year. The Court of Auditors shall examine them in accordance with relevant provisions applicable to the general budget of the European Communities.


3. The Administrative Council shall give a discharge to the President of the Office in respect ot the implementation of the budget.