Article 109

1. The President shall draw up each year an estimate of the Office's revenue and expenditure for the following year and shall transmit it to the Administrative Council not later than 31 March each year, together with a list of posts and, where the estimate provides for a subsidy referred to in Article 108 (3), prefaced by an explanatory statement.


2. Should the estimate provide for a subsidy referred to in Article 108 (3), the Administrative Council shall immediately forward the estimate to the Commission, together with the list of posts and the explanatory statement, and may attach its opinion. The Commission shall forward them to the budget authority of the Communities and may attach an opinion along with an alternative estimate.


3. The Administrative Council shall adopt the budget, which shall include the Office's list of posts. Should the estimate contain a subsidy referred to in Article 108 (3), the budget shall, if necessary, be adjusted to the appropriations in the general budget of the European Communities.