Article 110a

1.  As of the date of accession of Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Croatia, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovenia and Slovakia (hereinafter referred to as ‘new Member State(s)’), a Community design protected or applied for pursuant to this Regulation before their respective date of accession shall be extended to the territory of those Member States in order to have equal effect throughout the Community.


2.  The application for a registered Community design may not be refused on the basis of any of the grounds for non-registrability listed in Article 47(1), if these grounds became applicable merely because of the accession of a new Member State.


3.  A Community design as referred to in paragraph 1 may not be declared invalid pursuant to Article 25(1) if the grounds for invalidity became applicable merely because of the accession of a new Member State.


4.  The applicant or the holder of an earlier right in a new Member State may oppose the use of a Community design falling under Article 25(1)(d), (e) or (f) within the territory where the earlier right is protected. For the purpose of this provision, ‘earlier right’ means a right acquired or applied for in good faith before accession.


5.  Paragraphs 1, 3 and 4 above shall also apply to unregistered Community designs. Pursuant to Article 11, a design which has not been made public within the territory of the Community shall not enjoy protection as an unregistered Community design.