Report of the 48th World Congress of AIPPI at Seoul

Print this page 08-11-2018

The 48th World Congress of AIPPI took place from 22 September - 26 September in Cancun, Mexico. The Dutch Group of AIPPI adopted six resolutions:


- Conflicting patent applications (Study Question)

- Registrability of 3D trademarks (Study Question)

- Joint Liability for IP Infringement (Study Question)

- Partial designs (Study Question)

- Use of post-filing data in support of inventive step/non-obviousness

- HCCH Judgments project


The AIPPI World Congress 2019 will take place from 14 September - 18 September. Delegations of national groups will discuss about four new questions:


- Plausibility

- Customer survey evidence

- Copyright in artificially generated works

- IP damages for acts other than sales