Music and movie works enjoy copyright protection for 50 years in Saudi Arabia

18-06-2019 Print this page
IP10198 "The approval of the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property (SAIP) is a must to make any changes in folklore, which is considered to be a public property owned by the state, informed sources told Okaz/Saudi Gazette.


The recently-approved rules and executive bylaws for the copyright protection law point out that music and movie works enjoy protection for 50 years, beginning with the first production of the work.


The author has the right to object to any re-production or sale of his work, producing any work derived from his original work. The executive bylaw defines those who contravene the copyright law as those who exploit the original work by leasing or permitting copying or photocopying it. If the violation is proved to be grave, it should be referred to the Public Prosecution, the executive bylaw states.




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