IViR: "Number of Internet pirates in Europe decreases, legal media consumption rising"

Print this page 01-08-2018

From the press release: "The percentage of Internet users in Europe that occasionally downloads or streams music, films, series, books or games illegally, e.g. via The Pirate Bay or PopcornTime, has decreased between 2014 and 2017. This decrease is strongest for music, films and series. Meanwhile, expenditure on legal content has increased since 2014. This follows from the Global Online Piracy Study that the Institute for Information Law (IViR) of the University of Amsterdam published today.


In six out of the seven European countries that were studied, a decrease in the number of pirates was observed: France, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom. Note that this smaller group of pirates downloads and stream more illegal content than three years ago. Only in Germany, a slight increase in the numbers of users of illegal sources is observed, due to small increase for games."


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