UPC CoA, 22 May 2024: To expedite an appeal you must specify and substantiate

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IPPT20240522, UPC CoA, Texas Instruments v NST

Request by the Appellants to expedite the appeal against an order in which an application for security for costs was dismissed and shorten any deadlines where possible is denied for being too unspecified and insufficiently substantiated. (Rule 9(3) RoP, Rule 224(2)(b) RoP).


6. Texas Instruments has not explained that and why it would have a particular interest in the Statement of response being filed before any particular date, prior to the end of the time period of 15 days as provided for in R.224.2(b) RoP. Failing such a reason, the Court of Appeal cannot, in view of the interests of NST and the principles of proportionality, fairness and equity, also taking into account the time period Texas Instruments have taken to lodge its Statement of grounds of appeal, see any reason to shorten the time period within which NST is to lodge its Statement of response. 

7. Insofar as the further appeal proceedings are concerned, the request is too unspecified and insufficiently substantiated to justify the shortening of any of the future time periods at this stage of the proceedings.


IPPT20240522, UPC CoA, Volkswagen v NST

IPPT20240522, UPC CoA, Audi v NST

IPPT20240522, UPC CoA, Texas Instruments v NST