UPC CFI CD Paris, 10 may 2024: Request for simultaneous interpretations rejected, but applicant allowed to have simultaneous translation at their cost

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IPPT20240510, UPC CFI, CD Paris, Cead v Bego

Request for simultaneous interpretations (Rule 109(1) RoP) rejected. 

The interests of the applicants are represented by three German-speaking representatives. In the course of the proceedings to date, they have made extensive submissions in German without the court becoming aware of any communication problems. 

The fact that the fourth legal representative does not speak German does not alter this assessment. 


Applicants' counsel is permitted to conduct the interim hearing and the oral hearing in English, optionally in Dutch, with simultaneous interpretation into German at their expense (Rule 109(2) RoP).


IPPT20240510, UPC CFI, CD Paris, Cead v Bego