UPC CFI CD Paris, 6 March 2024: public access to documents rejected

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IPPT20240306, UPC CFI, CD Paris, Bitzer Electronics v Carrier

Request for access to documents rejected (Rule 262 RoP). 


The Rule has to be interpreted, according to the literal wording of the provision, meaning that it refers to only written pleadings and evidence lodged by the parties and that it does not include other documents which are uploaded in the CMS (see UPC_CFI_75/2023 CD Munich, order of 21 September 2023). 


Does not apply to communications between the registry and the parties and to evidence of activities carried out by the Registry (examination of formal requirements). 


The same can be said with regard to an order, issued by the Court regarding a request of stay of the proceedings, because it cannot be deemed as written pleadings or evidence lodged by one of the parties. 


It may be added that the interest of members of the public to know the status of a patent and, in particular, whether it is subject to an opt-out or not can be satisfied by accessing to the Register pursuant to Rule 37 of the Rules governing the Registry of the Unified Patent Court.


IPPT20240306, UPC CFI, CD Paris, Bitzer Electronics v Carrier