UPC CFI LD Munich, 2 February 2024: Bifurcation by unanimous request

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IPPT20240202, UPC CFI, LD Munich, Amgen v Renegeron

Bifurcation by unanimous request (Rule 37 RoP). Unanimous requests by all parties directed to a Local or Regional Division to refer a counterclaim for revocation to the Central Division for decision will be granted unless strong counterarguments require a different decision. 


Provisional decision to proceed with the infringement proceedings (article 33(3) UPCA). In the exercise of its discretion, the Panel decides to proceed with the infringement proceeding, but reserves the right to consider the possibility of suspending the infringement proceeding pursuant to Art. 33.3.c UPCA or to suspend the proceedings for any other reason put forward by the Defendants.


Rule 75 RoP can be used to avoid bifurcation […]. If defendants 1-3 had wished to have the Local Division Munich decide exclusively on the validity arguments, they could have filed counterclaims for revocation pursuant to Rule 75 of the Rules of Procedure together with their Statement of Defence, in addition to the independent revocation actions already filed. If they had done so, the Local Division Munich would have been able to decide on all four counterclaims. The Central Division would have been obliged to stay the proceedings on the individual revocation actions pursuant to Rule 75(3) of the Rules of Procedure. 


IPPT20240202, UPC CFI, LD Munich, Amgen v Renegeron