UPC CFI LD The Hague, 1 May 2024: Withdrawal proceedings, restitution of 60% of the court fees

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IPPT20240105, UPC CFI, LD The Hague, Keestrack v Geha Laverman

Withdrawal of proceedings pursuant to a settlement (Rule 265 RoP, Rule 11 RoP). 

Restitution of part of the court fee appropriate. With the case being terminated at an early stage, i.e. after the issuance of the summons and before the filing of a reply by the respondent, and therefore before the 'written proceedings' are concluded, 60% of the court fees paid will be refunded (Rule 370.9(b) RoP).


Delay in response considered timely filed (Rule 9.2 RoP). 

The delay in the respondent's response is apparently due to problems with CMS, and does not affect the applicant's legal position (other than delay). The response is therefore considered timely filed in this case, also given the timely submission by email.


IPPT20240501, UPC CFI, LD The Hague, Keestrack v Geha Laverman