Liability for sending and receiving sui generis databases

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IPPT20121018, CJEU, Football Dataco v Sportradar



‘Re-utilisation’ in Member State.


"47. In the light of the above considerations, the answer to the question is that Article 7 of Directive 96/6 must be interpreted as meaning that the sending by one person of data by means of a web server located in Member State A to the computer of another person in Member State B, at that person’s request constitutes an act of ‘re-utilisation’ of data by the sender, when there is evidence from which may be concluded that the act discloses an intention on the part of the person performing the act to target members of the public in Member State B. [...] "


IPPT20121018, CJEU, Football Dataco v Sportradar


C‑173/11 - ECLI:EU:C:2012:642