HGF Brand protection beyond Brexit report

24-01-2020 Print this page

"Since the UK voted to leave the EU in 2016’s referendum, HGF has worked to ensure that Brexit will just mean ‘business as usual’ for its clients. However, ongoing negotiations and unresolved political debate on the future status of the UK in its relationship with the EU has created an environment of uncertainty for business. We carried out a survey to better understand how prepared some of Europe’s biggest companies are for life after Brexit, in terms of protecting their valuable IP rights and the brand equity this adds to their business. We consulted more than 120 companies, many of them world-leaders in their markets and industry sectors, with a specific focus on the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland and The Netherlands. Together they have annual revenues of hundreds of billions of pounds, are major employers, product innovators, economic drivers and exporters. By taking the temperature of their concerns, priorities, planning and preparations, areas of doubt and perceived opportunities, weaknesses and threats, we can make sure we continue to offer the dynamic intellectual property service that every innovative and competitive organisation needs. [...]


- Almost half of companies (46%) say they will change their brand protection strategy after the UK leaves the EU

- However, a third of companies (31%) still do not know how they will register trade marks after Brexit

- A third (33%) say Brexit will make brand protection harder

- 61% believe it is now important to have IP advisors based in multiple European jurisdictions, with 83% saying local knowledge is the key benefit"


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