German Constitutional Court stops implementation UPC

Print this page 13-06-2017

The German legislator was ready to implement the legislation for the Unitary Patent Court (UPC) and Unitary Patent but the German Constitutional Court has asked the German legislator to put the implementation on hold. The reason of this request, according to the German media, is a constitutional complaint by an unnamed private person.


Besides France and the United Kingdom, Germany is one of the three countries which has to participate in the implementation of the UPC.


For information in German see:

Legal Tribune Online and


On the 7th of June 2017 the Unified Patent Court already informed that the deadline for the implementation of the UPC in december of 2017 cannot be maintained : "The progress of national procedures concerning the ratification of the UPC Agreement and the participation in the Protocol on Provisional Application is being continuously monitored with a view to publish a new timetable on this website as soon as possible.


An operational team is currently overseeing the final preparations for the recruitment of judges, testing the IT and case management systems and ensuring that resources are trained and in place before the UPC's entry into operation.


A new timeline for the recruitment process of the UPC judges will be communicated as son as possible to all candidates who have submitted applications."


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