EUIPO Report about Online copyright infringement in the EU

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Online copyright infringement in the European Union - Music, Films and TV (2017-2018), Trends and Drivers.

From the executive summary: "The analysis is based on a rich set of data on access to pirated music, film and TV programmes in all 28 Member States, for the period January 2017 to September 2018. The data covers both fixed and mobile devices, as well as the main access methods: streaming, downloads, torrents and stream ripping.


The good news in this report is that digital piracy is declining, as shown in the figure below. Between 2017 and 2018, overall access to pirated content declined by 15 %. The decline was most pronounced in music, at 32 %, followed by film (19 %) and TV (8 %).


However, piracy remains a significant problem, more so in some Member States than in others. The average internet user in the EU accessed pirated content 9.7 times per month in 2018, ranging from almost 26 times per month in Latvia and Lithuania to less than 4 times per month in Finland.


Among the socio-economic factors, the level of income per capita and the extent of inequality seem to have the greatest impact on consumption of pirated content: high per capita income and low degree of income inequality are associated with lower levels of illicit consumption. The overall size of the market, as measured by the number of internet users in a country, also matters: the average consumption of pirated content is lower, all other things being equal, in larger Member States. A higher acceptance of digital piracy, as evidenced in the IP Perception study, is also associated with a higher level of consumption of pirated content."


Read the executive summary here. Read the Report here.