EUIPO is looking for an Executive Director of the Office

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From the vacancy notice: "The European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), ‘the Office’, is seeking candidates to fill the post of Executive Director of the Office. 

The Executive Director manages the Office and acts as its legal representative. He/she is accountable to the Management Board and the Budget Committee and takes overall responsibility for the operations of the EUIPO and ensures the achievement of the objectives set. The specific formal, legal and administrative functions relating to the post are referred to in the EUTMR, and in particular in its Article 157.


The Executive Director shall be independent in the performance of his/her duties and shall neither seek nor take instructions from a government or from any other body, without prejudice to the powers of the Commission, the Management Board and the Budget Committee.

In particular, the Executive Director will be in charge of:

  • ensuring the functioning of the Office within the framework established by the various EU Regulations applicable, in particular the EUTMR, the Community Design Regulation, the Regulation on European Observatory on Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights, as well as the Financial and the Staff Regulations,
  • ensuring the timely preparation, consultation and approval process of the draft multiannual strategic programme including the Office’s strategy for international cooperation, as well as the draft multiannual staff policy plan; the annual work programme including the human and financial resources for each activity; the proposals for European Cooperation projects,
  • ensuring the implementation of the decisions taken by the Management Board,
  • ensuring the timely reporting of the annual activities as well as the progress on the multiannual strategic programme, to the Management Board,
  • ensuring the timely and regular follow up and reporting on internal and external audit reports and establishing measures for protecting the financial interests of the Union against fraud, including preparing an anti-fraud strategy for approval by the Budget Committee,
  • drawing up estimates of the revenue and expenditure of the Office and implementing the budget,
  • exercising the powers conferred by the Staff Regulations on the Appointing Authority and by the Conditions of Employment on the Authority Empowered to Conclude Contracts of Employment, entrusted to him in respect of staff by the Management Board,
  • referring questions on points of law to the enlarged Board of Appeal, in case of divergence of practice."


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